What's the difference between Scandinavian Design and Mid-century Modern ?

Scandinavian Design and mid-century modern furniture are very similar and overlap each other in many ways. Mid-century modernism was the style of design made popular during the mid-1900's. Scandinavian design was the most influential during this time period, thus the most iconic pieces of furniture from mid-century modernism were also of Scandinavian design. But Scandinavian design continued beyond the classic modernist era to today. So now a large amount of contemporary furniture being made is of Scandinavian design. Scandinavians are as busy as ever sharing their artistic creations with the world, adding new unique styles to their classic designs.

The main physical difference between the two genres is the materials and colors used. The Scandinavians incorporated a lot of woods into their furniture. The Swedes used lighter woods while the Danes used darker woods. And the Finns introduced plastics and acrylics into furniture design, such as the Ball Chair, Egg Chair and Tulip Table & Chair. Another Nordic trait is a high use of the color white. The Scandinavians introduced minimalism to the world, in which white is predominant.  

Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio

Sky Table by Diamond Sofa

Tulip Table and Chairs by Eero Saarinen